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4 Ways Buyers Can Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Did you know that Raleigh has one of the hottest real estate markets in the country? If you’re getting ready to buy in the Triangle, you might face some pretty steep competition—but you can still stand out! Here are some of our top ways to attract a seller’s attention and get them to accept your offer.

Get Pre-Approved

Person getting ready to buy in the Triangle

Before you begin your home search, you should already be pre-approved for your mortgage. To put it simply, someone that’s pre-approved has already been cleared by their lender for a home loan, and they know how much they’re able to spend. Sellers will also take a pre-approved buyer more seriously and may be more inclined to accept their offer!

Not sure how to start the process? It’s actually pretty simple. After finding the right lender, all you have to do is submit a few important financial documents (like your paystubs and social security card) and wait for your answer.

Send a Buyer’s Letter

Writing a letter to buy in the Triangle

Many sellers view an offer as just a number—but you can add a personal touch to really stand out. Attaching a buyer’s letter to your offer can help a seller get to know you, and having that connection can impact their decision.

As you draft your buyer’s letter, think back to the first time you toured the home. Be sure to include any features that stood out to you, and don’t forget to tell them a little bit about yourself. You can even take some time to explain your offer, especially if it’s below the asking price.

Make a Competitive Offer

People shaking hands

When you’re buying a home in the Triangle, you’ll want to make a competitive offer right from the start. Some listings receive multiple bids just hours after they hit the market, and offers that are below the asking price might not be considered.

If you’re not sure how much you should offer, it’s best to ask your agent. They can help you stay within your budget, but they’ll also give you a realistic number that a seller will actually consider.

Work with an Agent

Agent and client starting to buy in the Triangle

Some buyers believe that not using a real estate pro will save them money, but it can actually jeopardize your search. You don’t even have to pay your agent’s commission, either—that’s the seller’s responsibility.

When you choose to work with an agent, you’ll gain their top-notch communication and negotiation skills. They can also help with everything from navigating contingencies to crafting the perfect offer. If you’re buying alone, all of those responsibilities fall on you—and one wrong move can make a seller decline your offer.

Navigate the Triangle’s Competitive Market with Ease!

If you’re getting ready to buy in the Triangle, let Spencer Properties handle all the details. We have the resources you need to navigate the entire buying process, so just reach out to us for more info. We’re excited to help you find your dream home!

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