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Home Security Checklist

The Checklist 

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Basics to cover:

  • Do you have home security?
  • Is your home security monitored?
  • Can your valuables be viewed from the street?
  • Is the exterior of your home well lit at night?
  • Do you advertise that you have a home security system?
  • Do you have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?
  • Is the garage door always locked when leaving the home and never left open?
  • Are all windows, doors, garage and any vulnerable place or point of entry secured whenever you leave the house?
  • Do you have timed lights, motion sensor lights, or others to give the home the appearance of being lived-in when no one is present?
  • Do you lock doors every time you leave the home, no matter how long you are gone for?

The Personal:

  • Have you created a personal item inventory?
  • Did you place serial numbers on your valuable items?
  • Do you have security contact information listed around the home?
  • Do you have descriptions or photos of items that can’t be marked with serial numbers?
  • Do you have an emergency kit in case you need to leave the home abruptly?
  • Have you considered all variables in evacuation plans, like older adults, pets, young children, et cetera?
  • Have you cleaned the outside of the home to make sure burglars don’t have anywhere to hide?
  • Do you have a working relationship with neighbors so they can be the eyes and ears for your home if you are ever away?
  • Do you have a system that ensures you don’t receive mail, packages, or other items whenever you are on vacation? This system could include neighbors.
  • Do you know who rings the doorbell without opening it?

Things to Double-Check:

  • Do you have an emergency escape plan?
  • Is your house number visible from the street?
  • Do you have an escape plan for fires or emergencies?
  • Do you have any hidden keys around the home or know every person that has a spare key to the home?
  • Have you properly disposed of these hidden keys so they can’t be found by burglars?
  • Are any trees on your property high enough to climb that would allow burglars to access second story windows?
  • Do you have valuables like lawn equipment or kids toys on the front lawn? Have these been cleared away?
  • Are all house and lawn tools kept in garage or a shed that is adequately locked and secured?

Other Important Details

  • Have you installed motion sensor lights?
  • Do you have an emergency escape plan?
  • Are all of the windows in the home locked and accounted for?
  • Is there a neighborhood watch program in your neighborhood?
  • Are you bicycles securely locked or stored inside of the home?
  • Do kids know how to call for emergency assistance if necessary?
  • Do your kids know how to arm or disarm home security if necessary?
  • Is there a window on your garage or basement? Has it been secured?
  • Do you have copies of your home inventory that are stored digitally and in the cloud?
  • Can all of your doors be securely locked? Are all of the locks in good shape? Is the sliding door well secured?

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